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don't drag me down
just because you're down.
just cuz you're blue
don't make me, too.
though you've found
you need more than me
don't talk to me
about bein' free

that's freedom - without love.
magic - without love
magic - without love...

hear me say,
"better things will surely come my way."

you say the magic's gone,
well i'm not a magician.
you say the spark's gone,
well get an electrician!
and save your line about needing to be free -
oh, that's bullshit baby, you just want rid of me.

freedom - without love...

Massive Attack, Better Things

So I'm doing my taxes one way and I hope I've made the right decision. If not... well. we'll see. Whatever. I'm just going to do them like this. I *shouldn't* have to pay anything to Maryland, right - even for my relo package? who knows. I don't know. I never worked in or lived in Maryland for any bit of 2009... meh. Apparently NJ gave us an extension on our taxes, because of the crazy storms we had. State of Emergency and whatnot. I just want to get them done and send them in so whatever. I'm basically done I just want to doublecheck on a few things... because this is coming out differently doing it by hand than it did when I did it using some online thingie...

So anyway, I'm going home Thursday night... hopefully... if work permits it, basically. I've got about a billion and a half things I need to get done between now and Thursday when I leave... I'm kind of stressed / freaking out about it. Looks like it's going to be some 9-10hour days here, getting stuff done... that's life i guess. timelines are timelines are timelines and things need to get done, and when you're the only workerbee around that's on the project... well... it makes it pretty clear whose responsibility it is to get the work done.

So I took Friday and Monday off from work and it's quite possible that this is like the worst timing ever to take a couple days off, but so fucking be it, I'm not going to NOT use my vacation time (I haven't used any yet, and I've got like 15days i need to use up).

So I've been going on my guild's Ventrilo server chatting with people pretty frequently since I quit.... I think I need to take the next step and just stop. Because that's another piece of the WoW world... It's so baffling to me how much a person can get addicted to a videogame... there's no chemical dependency, but all of the mental/emotional repercussions of a "withdrawal" ... those apply.

I've got some D&D books on the way :) A friend of mine from college was selling some of his books so I bought a couple for myself for my birthday :3 Kinda like, a self-birthday gift... something to do in my spare time? xD My fave part of D&D was making the characters up, anyway... Plus, I like pretty books.

So I'm kind of in this in-between place. Not contented. Not unhappy. This is where something usually happens to make it better, or make it worse... if I was stuck here for too long in the past, I would take things into my own hands - usually to put things in the "worse" direction.
But, really... I think I'd rather things be "okay" than bad, so I'll ride on this mediocre life for a bit.

I could use a cute warm fuzzy. BUT! I will get to meet and play with Tiff's new kitty on Thursday night / Friday!! I really wish I could have a cat here... Though not another Mischief. Mischiefcats are expensive.
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