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totally done with dating.

So sometime early last week, one of the guys at work asked me if I wanted to go out this weekend. I thought awesome, gives me a chance to do something not sitting alone in my apartment.

We ended up going to the movies on thursday night. We saw Underworld 3, not the best movie but meh, whatever. He held my hand through the movie and after the movie kissed me. Walking back to his car, he kissed me again. In the car, kissed me again. Back at my apartment, kissed me again.

Too much.

After the date, asks if he can call me later that night. I tell him I had to go to bed because of work in the morning. He sends me a text the next morning. Calls me multiple times the next afternoon. calls me Saturday morning asking if i wanted to do breakfast (I didn't). Asks when I want him to pick me up because we were going to a club. He decides 8p is ok, which I'm fine with.

Sends me one of those animated valentine's day text msgs with music and everything.

Calls me at 7p. "are you almost ready?" "i thought you weren't coming until 8?" "oh, yeah, well I was just asking..." "I'll be ready at 8 for sure."

He hands me a gift bag with a stuffed bear, a balloon, a rose, and a card (which i've yet to open). says i need to put the rose in water (yeah, okay). suggests we go up to my apt. i should have left him at his car while i went up and put the rose in water. i didn't let him wander far into my apt, hurriedly put the rose in water, and then hurried him out of my apartment.

The club he took me to was really cool-- Fernandes nightclub. I think it was in Newark, so not a great area, but the club was great--there was like a band that played the music and etc. Drank like 1/2-3/4 of a pitcher of sangria. he tried to teach me merengue and bachata... i have no sense of rhythm. When he was driving me back to my apartment I started blabbering at him in Spanish. I don't think he expected me to be coherent in Spanish, or to know Spanish at all. I told him that I think of him "como un amigo, no un novio" ... several times. and i told him i wasn't ready for a relationship and etc.

his response was that he'd wait, which pissed me off, frustrated me.

He texted me this morning to say good morning. called. i didn't answer. called again, within 10minutes. i didn't answer. called again an hour or so after that. i didn't answer.

Why do I have this luck with guys? I need my fucking space.

I think I just need to tell him that look, i had fun and stuff, but i'm *not* interested in him romantically.

He kept talking about how happy I make him and etcetc.... I told him-"you've only known me for like a month!"

I swear.
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