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I guess the positive thing about not doing any work all semester is, now that I'm deciding to finally settle down and do it, when I get bored with one thing, I have a bunch of other things to choose from to do.

I've found probably around 10-15 articles that I can use for my final paper for flavors, and am working on developing a skeleton outline for what I am going to discuss in the paper (it's to be 25-50pages long, and I want it to be good. I want to prove to Lawless that I'm not the complete slacker he's seen thusfar. Though perhaps the damage is done. I'd like to prove to myself that I'm not a slacker, as well, though). I already found five articles for my Dairy paper/presentation (three weeks from this past monday).

I need a timeline so I can see what I need to prioritize... what I have to finish before graduation.
This Week:
-> Flavors prob set THIS FRIDAY
Next Week (Apr 7-13)
-> PKG Review Session MONDAY MORNING
-> Polymers Presentation TUESDAY
-> Game night with my floor WEDNESDAY NIGHT
-> Flavors Prob set FRIDAY
-> Cornell Days Tour SATURDAY AFTERNOON (1p)
The following week (Apr 14-20)
-> Lab rpt MONDAY
-> Special prepared Staff Dinner WEDNESDAY
-> Flavors Prob set FRIDAY
(Various birthday phonecalls and etc to be made, as well)
The FOLLOWING week (Apr 21-27)
-> Lab Rpt(MON)
-> Prob Set(FRI)
-> "As You Like it" Floor Social, sometime between Apr 24-26.
-> Expanding your Horizons (EYH), SATURDAY 8-4.
The week after that (Apr 28-Mar2): LAST WEEK OF CLASSES.
-> Lab Rpt (MONDAY)
-> Wines Prelim #3, Field Trip to Ithaca Beer & Lab Practical for Cooking (TUES)
-> Flavors Presentation (& Paper Due) (FRI)
Then my finals are on:
Wednesday, May 7; from 7-9:30pm: PACKAGING
Friday, May 16; from 9-11:30am: DAIRY
Friday, May 16; from 2-4:30p: WINES & BEERS

It's kind of a relief to have that written up.

Now I can start transcribing to my planner, and writing down notes as to when I need to send out emails and etc.

Oh, something I didn't mention that I need to set up: Exit interviews for loans and other stuff related to graduation.

Kind of thinking I want a nap before the staff meeting. So long as I'm awake and feeling awake by the time I have to head out for that....


So I told myself no WoW for 2weeks. My friend from the game said, "I call your bluff... even though I won't be around to witness it" (he deleted his acct and it will be deactivated by the time I would be returning... in fact it should be up a bit before then?)

2 weeks from today places me at April 16th. It'd be a great birthday gift to myself, to see, "Wow, look, you do have self-control and you CAN motivate yourself, even still. See? You aren't a waste of space." And then to reward myself with some WoW.... but not allow myself to get sucked in the way I have been the past few months.

I can do this. I know I can. And I've said it a million times. But this time... it doesnt feel different. Yet.

I'm not deleting WoW from my computer. i need to prove that even with it there, I have the self control.

It's about control. I need to be in control. I need to feel in control.

I have the next couple weeks mapped out. Now to map out the individual days.

Tonight, perhaps. After the staff meeting.
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