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it's colder than before
the seasons took all they had come for.
how winter dances here
it seems so fitting, don't you think,
to dress the ground in white
...and grey?

it's so quiet, i can hear
my thoughts touching every second
that i spent, waiting for you...
circumstances afford me
no second chance to tell you
how much i've missed you

my beloved, do you know?
when the warm wind comes again
another year will start to pass....
and please don't ask me why i'm here,
something deeper brought me
than a need to remember...

we were once young and blessed with wings
no heights could keep us from their reach;
no sacred place we did not soar.
still greater things burned within us
i don't regret the choices that i made
i know you feel the same...

my beloved do you know?
how many times i stared at clouds
thinking that i saw you there...
these are feelings that do not pass so easily,
i can't forget
what we claimed as ours...

I'm still working on finding a routine, and making this feel like home. Work is good, though. Busy, but good. Could be worse. I'm getting sick. My apartment still feels empty. I feel lonely a lot. I'm learning a lot but... there's something very melancholy about my demeanor. I don't think it shows at work... I tend to be upbeat and cheerful at work--like I've always been whenever I'm at work.

I was going to make this a lot more in-depth and drawn-out but I don't really have the energy anymore.
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