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A few things going on...

Friday I had a job interview with Unilever. It went well.... I was told Tuesday that I got the job :) I got a call just a short while ago from my boss(!!! :D ), just seeing if I had any questions and etc, and saying the paperwork would be out to me in the next day or so.

Monday I had a phone call from a certain someone who basically had cut me out of his life for the past few months, without a word of explanation... yeah. He explained the reason (which, honestly, I already knew the reason, I was just pissed he didn't SAY something and instead just ran away without a word of explanation... the one thing I hate the most is not having closure on things)... anyway, so the conversation was good, and I suppose we're friends again... I suppose I could put his phone # back in my phone.

Monday my guild entered a new zone... and basically got two new bosses down in like 2-3 hours (3 attempts for one, and 2 attempts for the other)... It was cool! Seeing new things, learning new fights/new strats.... the third boss is kinda a biatch to figure out because there's so much to it, but we've made some progress on that, and should get her down (I hope!) by the end of this raid week.
Yes I'm a geek.

So before I head out and move to New Jersey for my new job, there's a bunch of stuff I need to get together... Eeee!! :) I need to make another trip to the dump (to get rid of my old stinky uncomfortable mattress that gave me back problems), donate a bunch of clothes that are too big for me now, buy a bunch of clothes that actually FIT me, clean my room out, xfer the title and etc on the van to MEE!!, get the van's emissions test outta the way (might as well!), swap car insurance stuffs so I have my own insurance that I'm paying for, switch banks to one that's actually in NJ!, get on my own cell phone plan (gonna need kev's help with that one, I think), uhhhh....

I swear there's more. But I think more than anything I'm really excited :)

Ryan's excited for me too... Tuesday night he kept saying "I'm so happy for you!!!" :) He's also veryvery busy right now... he's gonna have a crazy next few weeks! what-with 50page papers and the like to write.... and once he's all done with that I should (hopefully!) be settled in NJ :) I told him, "I'm going to live like RIGHT outside of NYC!! You should come visit and we can go to NYC!" And he thought that was a great idea :) Hehe. We'll see. Could always just wait till this spring/summer like we had planned and have a roadtrip with me, Nat, Kara and Michael up to Toronto.... though I guess that would require either me going down there or them coming up to see me...! hehe.



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If you want to keep your cell phone number I may have to go with you, because the current number is in my name.
Also, you should maybe consider getting a new computer soon, either before or after the move, as you've said your laptop is getting a bit long in the tooth. I might suggest before, if you wanted me to do any customizations and such to it.
What is the word on re-location stuff, or will that all come with the paperwork?
Yay, congrats!!
you aren't employed yet. :P

as for the van, you are moving to NJ. It doesn't make any sense to me to transfer/register the car in MD when you will just have to re-register it in NJ. You're going to be a Joisey resident! So you need to get NJ license and car registration. So. Selling a car in MD is a pain in the ass anyway (part of why when I bought my car I bought it in GA instead of MD). So I dunno how you/Mom are going to work the van part out. You can probably call a State Farm agent in NJ near where Englewood and tell her/him you've been with whatever-the-current-agent-is and tell him/her what vehicle you have and what area you are looking at... to get an insurance quote. Insurance is REALLY EXPENSIVE in NJ.

I want to see this relo paperwork. :P

Furniture wise, the guest bed/mattress and side table are yours if you want 'em. We have other stuff available too but I don't think anything you'd necessarily want/need.